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How the heck...
Did we lose two out of three to the chickens this year.  We're having our troubles....but they are bad.  Real bad.
Here's the deal I'm the best there is. Plain and simple. I wake up in the morning and I piss excellence. - Ricky Bobby

The short answer is so are we.

We changed our entire weekend rotation after the South Carolina series - Crawford got the boot (because of the way the baseball program is now covered, we never really heard the extent of the injury that essentially ended his outing) and Wrobleski was essentially banished to the hinterlands. Mat Clark and Davis Sharpe keyed the run that we had during the early part of ACC play - Sharpe has now hit the proverbial wall and Clark had tightness in his forearm a few weeks back.

But this year is on pace to be our worst since 2008 - and it comes in a year in which we should have had our most complete pitching staff under Monte Lee (to date). But Spencer Strider and Raffield went down in fall ball; Wrobleski has his confidence destroyed by the early part of the season and is essentially MIA; Askew's effectiveness fell off a cliff after a month's worth of film had been collected; but worst of all, Jacob Hennessey and Brooks Crawford (both weekend rotation parts just a year ago) can't give us more than 2 innings now.

When you mix in some just bad sequencing decisions (I mean Bob Mahoney would rather eat the sneakers off his own feet than criticize the baseball program, and he's even questioning some of our pitching decisions during the radio broadcasts), I've lost a lot of faith in Andrew See.

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