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NCAA Bracket
Had a little chuckle today.  Listening to WCCP, Qualk was discussing bracket results.  For weeks prior to the tourney, I kept hearing WCCP swear Clemson was in: citing all sorts of internet authorities.  The week prior to the tourney, I listened to Qualk and Kelly break down every match up and team in excruciating detail.  Don't get me wrong, it was interesting radio full of factoids.  But they were totally overthinking their predictions.  The same went on with Walt's "I'm never wrong" Deptula's show.  Walt had Wofford beating UK (I bold move Cotton!...and yes, I know Wofford played well).

Well I played the WCCP Bracket Challenge.  There's close to 1000 players I think.  They only list the top 500 names.  Walt's name is no where to be seen.  Qualk admitted to being in 490+ ranked.  Kelly was worse than that.  Meanwhile, I watched about 3-4 Clemson games this year.  I took about an hour to put together my bracket.   I'm currently #6!  Now I will drop in ranking because I had UNC winning it over Gonzaga (it pained me to cheer for UNC to win.)  I did have UVA and Michigan State.  Picking brackets isn't hard.  in general , go with the higher seed.  The committee seeds pretty well.  If the match up is close for some reason ask, who has the better record over better competition AND who is playing hot over the last 10 games of the season.

Love the experts on WCCP.
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