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I feel like we are struggling more than I expected
Is it just me? I knew we would miss Gabe, but I feel like we are struggling to get in a rhythm. 

I have to admit I've only been able to listen to the games on the radio, but I thought I would get some perspective from here.
Yep.  Part of the under-performance is because no one seems to be very good at hitting 3's.  With Thomas not quite in shape and Simms not looking very improved the team seems to be depending too much on Reed creating something.  I also thought Mitchell might start hitting for a better percentage.   He can get his shots but no one has emerged to fill the role Devoe had when the team was playing so well last year.  I noticed Devoe was 0-7 in the loss to Temple last year before Grantham got hurt.  So maybe someone will emerge.
Trapp seems to be most improved.  
A couple of things were concerning, even before Reed got hurt. It appears he will be out for approximately a month so it goes without saying that this team is vulnerable during that period of time. If the team doesn't really focus and pick up the effort, there is a good chance our OOC results are not pretty. We have some (more) pretty good OOC opponents coming up on the schedule beginning with the game on Saturday.

As you guys have alluded to already, outside shooting has been really bad. Yes, DeVoe was a big part of that last year but Reed and Mitchell weren't terrible. Additionally, no one (yet) has emerged to provide the offense that we lost with Gabe. The other night I think Reed had 21 points, Thomas had like 17 and Mitchell had around 15... and we still barely won against a bad team. We won't consistently get much better production than that from our good players so Simms/Skara/Trapp have got to give us more points. As Thomas gets healthier and in better shape, the hope is that he draws enough attention to open things up a little more for the others.

However my biggest concern is how slow and unathletic the entire team looks. This is most visible on defense & rebounding. Our guards are getting consistently beaten on dribble penetration, which breaks down the interior defense and puts Thomas at greater risk of foul trouble. Also, on any sort of scramble rebound situation, our guys are consistently beaten to the ball. All of this was on display in a single late possession the other night (I think it was the one where they tied the game up for the last time). One of our guards got beat on dribble penetration. Thomas came over to help and caused the shot to be altered. It came of the glass and hit the floor where there was a made scramble and multiple of our players at least had a chance at the ball. St Peters end up with the ball at the goal, got the shot and got fouled for a 3-point play.

I never thought last year's team was super-athletic but I don't remember it being this bad. It looked to me like Thomas and maybe even Mitchell had put on some weight over the offseason which is not ideal for two senior leaders. Ordinarily, I would point out that it's early in the year and basketball is such a long season that things change dramatically as the year progresses but Reed's injury creates a sense of urgency in my mind that I hope our veteran players also feel. Clemson doesn't need to enter conference play with 4 or 5 losses already. That would make it pretty unlikely that we end up where everyone hoped/expected we would this season.
First off, I did think St. Peter's played well. They hit shots and they fought on defense. We also played much better once Thomas entered the game.

Offensively, we really don't have an identity. Reed took about half a dozen jumpers with his heels on the 3 point line. I love that he can hit that, but that's the worst shot in basketball and should be a last resort. We've got players like Skara, White, and Trapp who need to contribute major minutes but have very little offensive ability. If they're not put in position to score by their teammates then they're next to useless. There's been no concerted effort to get Thomas the ball down low. Simms is in a phase where he makes good moves but then puts up bad shots. He's got to improve his finishing. And Mitchell takes too many out-of-rhythm 3 pointers when he needs to be cutting to the basket and drawing fouls.

On defense, we just make things too easy. We let the other team move the ball with such little resistance. This leads to open 3's and layups from the deep post. We're letting the other teams run their offenses at will so they get too many "good" shots.

Reed has been a major contributor in the rebounding department. He has an eye for where the ball is going to end up. Obviously we'll miss his scoring during his abscence, but I'm also worried about our rebounding.
I'm not going to lie...I was hoping a few more of you would call me crazy.
(12-07-2018, 09:04 AM)HughRichardCranium Wrote: I'm not going to lie...I was hoping a few more of you would call me crazy.

Calling you crazy is independent of the basketball team's performance...or any Tiger team, for that matter!   Rolleyes
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