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Creighton game(Grand Cayman Classic Final)
This should be a good game.  Need to bring the defense for the perimeter.  Having Thomas close to full strength will also be important.
Dude, just pick the ball up Hunter. Why make that a jump ball by falling on it?
That was an ugly half. We looked young, an we're not young.
Oh well. Speaking of jump balls, am I the only one who noticed that Georgia kept the possession arrow after getting the ball first in the second half yesterday? There was a tie-up a couple minutes in to the half and they got that too.
We gave up 87 points and Creighton had ONE double-figure scorer. Let that sink in for a minute. It's early in the season and this loss certainly won't look bad (I don't think) by the end of the year but it is disappointing that a team this full of veterans couldn't find a way to put the clamps on Alexander.

It's also very disappointing that Alexander didn't sign with us out of high school. lol

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