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AJ Oliver to transfer
Seems kind of dumb to me, but... He only played 2 minutes against Barton, but last I checked, that was enough to count as a season to the NCAA. Seems like he'll lose a year of eligibility by transferring now.
Good shooter.  Could have gotten more minutes this year.  
Just not sure Oliver was going to do much going forward. I went to the UNCW exhibition and was really surprised that he didn't look any bigger or stronger than last year. As I pointed out after the season, Oliver was almost exclusively a 3-point shooter. He didn't seem to have any inclination to take the ball to the hoop and honestly wasn't strong enough to do so regularly. I thought Oliver looked a little better on defense as the year went on last year but from everything I have gathered, Newman had passed Oliver.
Everything I have heard supports the last part of ccolon's post...Newman is just plain better. Brownell has always supported guys that want to transfer out of the program, if they think they can get a better opportunity elsewhere. Even as recent as his media golf outing, he talked about having to have conversations with players who were only going to get 10 MPG at best, who thought they were deserving of 25-30 MPG. This is likely one of those cases. His mom's termination couldn't have helped, but even so...he's a step down from the quality of player we're recruiting now. Our freshmen are just better than they were when Oliver came in. I'm thinking you'll see similar things out of Dawes, Hunter and/or Hemenway in 2019-20...I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Clyde Trapp seeing less minutes than he wants to in that season (unless he continues to develop as well).
I have no idea what to think about it really. I just think the timing of it is sorta "walking out on the team" instead of sticking it out.

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