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Another Power Opponent Added To 2018-19 Schedule
Clemson will play Mississippi State (NIT semifinalist in 2017-18) in the third-annual Never Forget Games on December 8 in Newark, NJ.

This means we'll have a home game against Nebraska, a road game against South Carolina and a neutral site game against Mississippi State on the schedule. We're also in the Cayman Classic (matchups yet to be announced) with Boise State, Akron, Illinois State, Creighton, Georgia State, Georgia and St. Bonaventure.
The Cayman Classic matchups were announced today. Clemson's bracket will include its first opponent, Akron. Then, they'll play either Georgia or Illinois State.
If we get past UGA, the holiday tournament has the opportunity to give us a nice RPI boost even though there really aren't any 'name' teams in it. Three teams in the other side of the bracket had nice seasons last year. St. Bonaventure (RPI 27), Creighton (50) and Boise (57) all finished with a higher RPI than our championship game opponent in last year's tourney (Temple RPI 59). Of course we lost that game also.

I think overall the schedule stands to be stronger, if we manage our mid/low major opponents intelligently but it will be hard to beat the resume value of that road win over Ohio St and the neutral court victory over Florida. Those were two really nice wins last year.

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