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New Basketball Commit
We received a commitment from Jonathan Baehre today. He is a 6'9", 205 forward that is transferring in from UNC Asheville. He will have to sit a year, and will have two remaining.

Here is some old high school film of him.
Don't know him but happy to have him on the team. I'll check out that last game of his at UNC-A:

This really wasn't the type of player I envisioned us going after at this juncture. He will be a junior at the same time as Simms is a junior, playing the same spot. If they can get some meat on him, this young man can probably play kind of a stretch-5 position, similar to what Donnal did this season- but is he anything more than a good, solid role player (not that those aren't important)? Will this guy make an impact similar to Holmes,Mitchell, Reed, etc or more like Donnal/Skara?
I don't think he has the defensive chops that Skara has, but I can definitely see him in a Donnal type role. I can't see him panning out into a starter barring a gap in our recruiting mandating it, but he definitely has upper end role player potential.
Oral Roberts grad transfer Javan White announced he is coming to Clemson.  He has 2 years to play.  He picked Clemson over LSU, Nevada and UMass.  He graduates this week and will be immediately eligible with two seasons left after visiting a week ago.  He averaged 10.2 points and 9.0 rebounds per game as a redshirt sophomore shooting 51.4 percent from the floor and 55.3 from the foul line.  White got 3.5 offensive rebounds per game which ranked in the top 10 nationally.  

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