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One question that was answered last night
I went into last night wondering if Chris Williams' appearance at Catcher would simply be part of the larger platoon system that was happening with left and right handed starting pitchers.  To date, Justin Hawkins had been starting primarily against left handed pitching.  Using Williams' at Catcher against a right handed starter effectively swaps Hawkins for Wilkie - as Byrd was going to be in the line-up regardless.

But we used Williams at Catcher with a left handed starter - so (at least during the mid-week), maybe not.

One thing to keep an eye on, Williams has only been asked to make one throw on a base stealing attempt - and that was last night.  While the throw wasn't pretty, part of me thinks he backed off on the throw due to the jump the runner had received and the type of pitch received.  But I don't know...  NC State will test his arm this weekend.

And we are a little less than a week away from Kier Meredith's scheduled return - the question will be how they work him into the line-up.  While I would expect him to get some mid-week at-bats before a full workload, Teodosio's play over the past three (3) weeks isn't exactly screaming "Keep ME in!" - the two (2) homeruns over the weekend masked a lot of the scuffling he's working through (and he's all over the place, in the batter's box - almost nothing about his set-up is consistent).
Teodosio strikes out way too much....just looks lost...

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