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Baseball metrics

It needs to be said that I came out of last weekend's games with more questions about Georgia Tech, than additional information about Clemson.

Tech's pitching appears to consist of three (3) pitchers: Xzavion Curry was a legitimate Friday night starter, Connor Thomas (the Game 1 starter of Saturday's double header) profiles more like a Sunday pitcher, and Jared Datoc (the Friday reliever) looked like a quality ACC reliever (2 quality pitches). After that... they were playing a game of Yahtzee! - throwing the bones and hoping.

And maybe it was/is a by-product of their pitching issues, but Hall's defensive strategy is about 10 years behind the rest of the league - no super shifts, just shading the outfield and adjusting the lines for situational baseball. Coming off the Wofford game, in which even hitters like Jolly (outfielders playing at Little League depth, shifted hard the other way) and Wharton (three infielders on the pull side) were facing dramatically shifted (and effective) defensive alignments, it was a stark contrast - one that made me wonder how many resources Tech has invested in advance scouting.

In reading the Georgia Tech boards during the series, Tech quietly extended the contract of Danny Hall prior to last season - giving him a 5 year deal. As such, they are buckling down for the next couple of seasons, until any option of regime change is actually feasible. Given that Hall benefitted greatly from the mid-90s advent of lottery scholarships and the emergence of the East Cobb developmental leagues, it doesn't exactly pain me to see him struggling, now that some of his long time advantages have eroded.
I agree and alluded to that in the story...questioning if Tech is really going to be a 9 RPI team in the end....

Outside of Bart, they didn't look like the Tech mashers of old...

Not naive enough to think Clemson is the be all and end all of college baseball...which makes it even more fun to watch them get it done...there'll be down times ahead, as the competition ramps up....

I did get a chuckle in about all the "Hall's" in the lineup...thought about the Swinney's, Batson's and Davis'..... Big Grin 
I thought Kyle McCann had the potential to be another power bat - and he's a true sophomore, so there's still time in this season for that power to show. But he's also a natural catcher (and he isn't going to displace Bart), so you are sacrificing some speed for power [though with three (3) catchers routinely in our line-up, it isn't a unique tradeoff].

Hall's elder son (Carter) is trying to be the scrappy, intelligent, defense-first player that you expect a coach's son with average talent to be. He laid down two (2) drag bunts on the weekend for base hits, and played well in the field, but I took a perverse amount of pleasure in him being the first of the base running errors (he rounded second and Wharton threw behind him to pick him off - and on the same play, his brother didn't take second base while the rundown was occurring at third).

And yes, if Leggett or Lee had put both of his sons in the lineup and neither one was batting higher than 7th in the order... Not good chicken.

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