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Game 2: Brooks Crawford vs. Bill & Mary
Start changed to 4 due to weather.
7-6, Tigers hold on to move to 2-0...
I, for one, think Spencer Strider showed a lot of potential in his performance. The box score won't love him as much, but I felt like he was the type of guy that will eventually settle in and make a splash in a starting role. Would not be surprised at all to see him eventually take Hennessy's spot in the weekend rotation...perhaps after a mid-week role.
Can definitely see him starting at some point...think Hennessy threw pretty good though...he really made one mistake and it got hit a long way...going to happen from time to time...
Oh I definitely think Hennessy threw well. I could just see him being a valued piece in the bullpen (not a ton of proven southpaws down there). Plus, he's always come across as a 'one time through the order' type of guy. It'd be interesting to see those analytics on him after a plausible sample size.
Could be for sure...I'm tracking the "Times through the order" thing this season...could be an interesting tell...

Lee said he added another pitch in the offseason that hopefully will help him the 2nd time through....

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