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I'm surprised that there has been zero discussion on it.

I don't have much to say...other than Nick Foles made himself a chunk of change.  Amazing that the Philly fans basically ran him out of town and were booing him just a few short weeks ago.  Now they are flipping cars over for him.
That now means the same Texas high school has 2 superbowl MVPs...kind of amazing...and except for the Minnesota Miracle they would have played each other in the NFC Championship...

I used to work with Foles cousin...Foles was in HS at the time..he used to brag about him all the time...but Texas never recruited him (Brees neither)...their HS is less than 10 miles from the U of Texas Stadium...

It was probably the best superbowl from start to finish I have seen...or at least can remember...
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It was a good game, as I expected it to be. Both teams were fun to watch all year.

I'm kinda wondering what Foles' success means for Carson Wentz. Philly fans felt like he was everything to their team. Obviously that was incorrect, since they won the Super Bowl without him. Was he really the greatest thing since sliced bread, or did he just benefit from playing on an excellent team?
Personally I think Philly's in a good spot at QB...especially with Wentz's injury...not sure of his timetable to return, but now there's no rush assuming they keep Foles...if and when Wentz is healthy then you trade Foles (like the Pats did with Brisset and Garopolo) for an "asset"..a pick or a player you need at a position...heard that there will be 16 individual players that make more than Wentz and Foles combined (Wentz on rookie contract) so shouldn't be a cap problem...

I never saw the greatness in Wentz either, but on the other hand they were kicking the leagues ass with him so there's probably something to it...and I didn't see a lot of Philly games, so I'm spitballing...

Foles was great, but I don't think he's the long term answer....

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