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Vols' Rick Barnes commits violation
Vols' Rick Barnes commits minor violation by using his own money to boost assistant's salary

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee says men's basketball coach Rick Barnes inadvertently committed a minor NCAA violation by paying money out of his own pocket to supplement the salary of one of his assistant coaches.

Barnes provided personal funds to assistant coach Desmond Oliver because he believed Oliver's salary was deficient in relation to what his peers were making.

School officials say Barnes was unaware NCAA rules prohibited him from supplementing an assistant's pay with personal funds. Barnes was told to stop and that the assistant would get a raise.

Barnes received rules education and got no additional punishment. The Southeastern Conference didn't impose any additional penalty.

The information was obtained through a public records request seeking a list of violations Tennessee reported to the NCAA last year. The Knoxville News-Sentinel first reported the violation.
I have no problem with that. Obviously, there are conditions that must be attached to such scenarios, but this seems above board. I'm weary of the NCAA policing stuff like this, while other programs (we all know) skate by with far worse. The NCAA is apparently effective at swatting flies, rather than eliminating the source.
Uncle Salty     "...while beggars can't be choosers, choosers rarely have to be beggars."
I think Tennessee self reported. I can see how this could become a problem, but I have no problem with a coach doing this.
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One of the most asinine rulings occurred many years ago at Miami. Football players had reported to fall camp before school had started. On the weekends, players would go out to eat, etc. One of the freshmen from Pennsylvania had asked his parents to send him some money, but unfortunately, it had not arrived by Saturday's mail. The player contacted the person he knew the best, his recruiter, about a small loan until his money arrived. The money arrived on Monday and the player repaid the coach. This was an infraction and the NCAA can't allow things of this nature to go unpunished. However, the NCAA decided that the whole thing could be resolved if the player paid the coach the regular interest rate. After financial experts had examined all of the transactions, including the amount and length of the loan, the player forked over one penny to the coach.

Isn't it good to know that this bastion of integrity is upholding the rules and regulations over which they are held accountable.
Penny-wise (to the coach), pound foolish (NCAA). Tripping over dollars to pick up a nickel...and the beat....goes...on...
Uncle Salty     "...while beggars can't be choosers, choosers rarely have to be beggars."

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