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Romo Love
Am I the only one who doesn't understand the almost universal slobber over Romo as an analyst?

Just in the 2nd half yesterday he totally homered an obvious holding call on Dallas that had Jim Nance saying "You're not disputing that", totally misunderstood a Chargers celebration as someone not being touched down and made a case for Cowboys winning out. That's not to mention the several times he started a thought, stopped midway and awkwardly "Uhhh, ummm, you take it Jim" threw it back to Nance...tough to listen to at times..

He's a good guy, sounds fun and I admit, better than most...but I wonder if he's getting more than a pass on his analyst skills because he "knows the plays"...
It's ok to admit that you're a Romosexual, Marty. This is a safe place.
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  • Marty Coleman
Well, there is that Smile
The healing only starts when you admit here is a problem.
I like him personally because he seems real. Like, he still sounds like one of the players, or like a normal dude up there calling the game. He probably is still biased to the Cowboys, but he'll probably grow away from that with more time away from the field.
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  • Salty
Gonna double down on this today...listened to him call the Panthers/Vikings...perhaps he was distracted and watching the Cowboys on his monitor...but on one drive he was talking about punting when the Vikings sent their FG team out...then...he circled three receivers to the right and mentioned this was an obvious sign the play was going that way (it went left)...and his "color commentary" on a big play was "oooohhh, yeah...he's got it..." zero analysis of what happened on the play....

If his name wasn't Romo this guy would be getting blasted....
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  • Bugmantom
Did anyone hear him yesterday? I know I'm the lone voice crying in the wilderness, but....even more surprising than him not knowing the rules (10 second runoff) is that he doesn't even understand basic strategy.... when the Bills got near the goal line and it was 4th and 1...they tried to get the Chiefs to jump...they didn't, but before the play clock ran out they called a time out...he said it was a wasted time out because "those 5 yards mean nothing to the kicker this close"....well, genius...on the next play the Chiefs had a half the distance penalty which gave the Bills a first and goal and wouldn't have if they had taken the 5 yard delay of game and not "wasted" the timeout....

Ended up meaning nothing in the big picture as the grounding by Taylor means drive ended in FG anyway, but I was shocked that a guy who played QB in the league for 10? years is totally lost on rules of 10 second runoff and goal line strategy......

Baffles me that people think he offers great play there's a lot of "oooohhhh!' and "ahhhhhhhs"...instead of letting the play finish and actually analyzing it...
I didn't really like him as a player...nor did I think he was the franchise QB he got credit for I'm not surprised that he's bad at his job as an announcer. Also, as a player he used to make mistakes in those 4th down and goal, and last second situations all the time (especially in the playoffs) - so again I'm not surprised he messed it up as an analyst.

But to be fair, I didn't watch any of the games with the volume on...or the TV for that matter.
I stopped watching the broadcast yesterday after about 10 minutes. He's brutal.

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