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burning bridges....
I'm not going to be shy about this - but I called it. I always said he needed to mature and it is showing. I mean his Clemson career essentially took the exact same path that his NFL career is taking. Difference is, here he had the option to leave early for the draft.

He does have the option to leave for Canada, though. In fact, the league allows their players to smoke as much weed as they want. They don't even test for it.
He feels like the Steelers abandoned him when he was suspended. I don't know how accurate that is, but if it's true then I can't blame him for wanting to move on. Still, that doesn't give him an excuse to slack off and talk smack to his teammates. Do your job to the best of your ability and you'll be a much more attractive player to other teams.
It depends on what is meant by not supporting him.  Not an expert on NFL labor relations, but I don't believe he is allowed to have contact with the team during his suspension, so not sure what he was expecting.  If by not supporting him,  he means drafting JuJu Smith-Shuster (sp), then I think that was prudent on the Steelers part as you're dealing with someone who's had multiple lapses.

We've seen when he is "right" that he is an NFL's hoping he gets right whether that is in Pittsburgh or somewhere else.

The league has little tolerance for this stuff unless you're at Randy Moss level.
The League has tolerance, but a player has to realize it comes at a price, aka: devaluing you. He's playing right into the next team's hands. MB has done himself no favors whatsoever and is leaving teams wondering whether his work ethic can match his mouth. There's clearly a disconnect between his physical abilities and his mental (cough) prowess.
Uncle Salty     "...while beggars can't be choosers, choosers rarely have to be beggars."
So....while Martaivs calls in sick JuJu Smith-Schuster WALKS to practice after his bike got stolen....

He gone....
Tomlin's comments...yikes...
(10-24-2017, 02:14 PM)Marty Coleman Wrote: Tomlin's comments...yikes...

Being on Tomlin's bad side is not a good practice.
Uncle Salty     "...while beggars can't be choosers, choosers rarely have to be beggars."
Steelers demote disgruntled Martavis Bryant to scout team
While it's never as simple as this, he really doesn't have anyone to blame but himself...that won't stop him, of course, of not owning this.
Two catches and a fumble recovery last night.
Coty Sensabaugh with a pick.

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