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DW4 with 5TD passes against KC
DW4 is continuing to play huge, but needs help on defense. Watt goes down with rough season ending injury early in 1st Q. Texans defense got shredded by KC, DW4 kept it close with an amazing game.

I think all the pundits are saying DW4 for ROY
There are some other really good rookies too, so the ROY debate will last quite a while.

Watson now has 2 games with 5 touchdowns (after 4 starts). That's equal to the 2 times that all other Texans quarterbacks combined scored 5 touchdowns.
He was throwing some long distance bombs last night. I'm guessing he loves having the Predator formerly known as Nuk, on his receiving end.

I guess Dabo held him back from tossing the 60yard bombs the last 3 years?

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