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Don't look now, but Chad has SMU at...


Toughest part of schedule coming up (though the one loss was to TCU)...Sumlin struggling...Chad and A&M grad....just sayin'....
1) This week is big for SMU, as they square off against Houston - and those teams do NOT like each other.

2) While I think The Chad would be a good hire for A&M, my guess is that the Aggies are going to chase a name hire before he's on the short list. The article from just after SEC media days, in which it was suggested that Dabo would be a target of their next search, made that clear.

3) My thoughts on Sumlin are the same as Butch Jones: It looks bad, and there's no reason to believe they will right the ship, given their entire body of work... and then you look at the schedule. The SEC is just so bad right now, that after the obligatory loss to Alabama (and in A&M's case, Auburn), you can make a case for both Tennessee and Texas A&M winning out.

[A more conspiratorial individual might posit why College Football Final doesn't have an SEC Wheel of Destiny...]
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Texas A & M.
So right now a google search has Chad Morris named in connection with Florida, Tennessee, aTm (although as an outside "what if" scenario), and also Texas Tech (under the same "what if" circumstance).

Seems to me like Chad is going to have a pretty nice pick of jobs if he ever decides to move on.
All those make various amounts of sense for Chad....

Florida wants offense, Tennessee wants hope, TAM alum, coached HS in Texas and interviewed (reported) at Tech last time and they like their offense wild....

My early read (just spit ballin'): Florida goes big name, as does A&M, out of those 4 I'd lean Tech then Tennessee...
I don't have any prediction on where he ends up...but I do think he's likely going to be leaving SMU sooner rather than later.
His footprint is Texas, so stay within the borders and maintain his relationships. Tech vs SMU...why leave Highland Park...there's plenty of money to get Chad what he needs, if the school is serious. If the Aggies call, that's different, but I'd be surprised, at this point.
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