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Mark Davidson / Ben Paulsen join staff as student coaches
Earlier this summer, TCI had an article with Ben Paulsen and Kyle Parker - both of whom were returning to Clemson as students under the Tiger Trust program to finish their degrees, and help out as student coaches (Paulsen with the baseball team, Parker with the football team).

Today, Clemson announced that, in addition to Paulsen, Mark Davidson will also be working with the baseball team.  Davidson is the father of Logan Davidson, and a former Major League player - six (6) seasons / 463 games with Twins (3 seasons) and Astros (3 seasons).

Davidson isn't the first former Tiger Trust athlete to come back to Clemson at the same time as his son enrolled - Bill Spiers (who in addition to being a First-Team All-American in 1987, served as a punter on Danny Ford's 1986 football team) is working with the football team under the same program, while his son Will serves as our punter.
I wonder how that dynamic will work with the Davidson's. I wonder how Logan feels about it.

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