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Sammy traded to Rams
that is all.
Sammy and Todd Gurley on same offense...if Goff can't win now....
(08-11-2017, 01:07 PM)Marty Coleman Wrote: Sammy and Todd Gurley on same offense...if Goff can't win now....

Right?  If he can't at least post some decent numbers...

It will be interesting to see who comes out on top of this flurry of trades for Buffalo, LA & Philly.

I say, Sammy just got a huge benefit.  Getting out of the dysfunction in Buffalo can only help his career.

Sammy Watkins

This was always going to be a huge season for Watkins, who was set to hit unrestricted free agency after the Bills declined to pick up the fifth-year option on his rookie deal for 2018. Last year was a lost season for the Clemson product, given that the Bills repeatedly pushed Watkins onto the field with a clear foot injury before Watkins finally underwent what ended up as two surgeries on his left foot. It seemed likely that the Bills would part company with Watkins after the year regardless of what happened.

It's hard to see how Watkins will be in a better situation for either his short- or long-term future. After being traded to the Rams, who gave up a starting cornerback and a high pick to acquire him, Watkins is likely looking at the franchise tag if he breaks out in 2017. It's not clear that would have been the case in Buffalo, and the tag will cost him millions of dollars versus what he could get on the free market.

He's also now set to play out his contract year with Goff, who was one of the worst quarterbacks in recent memory during his debut season, as opposed to the criminally underrated Tyrod Taylor. Goff should be better during his second season, especially with the arrival of Sean McVay from Washington as coach, but there's a chance Watkins is relying on a replacement-level quarterback to make him millions of dollars.
Ehhhh...Buffalo didn't pick up his 5th year option and this guy is talking about a franchise tag with a worse team.  

No idea who else the Rams would franchise, but can't imagine it being Watkins (with his history to date)... and at any rate the tag for WRs this year was 15.6 Mill...again, can't imagine someone signing Sammy for more than that given his history...

Just talkin' out of my.... could be totally wrong as Barnwell knows his stuff...
Just to add...

He's assuming 2 totally opposite extremes 1) Breakout year and franchise tag costing Sammy $ on open market or 2) bad year because of Goff

I'm thinking it's likely somewhere in between and doubt there will be a clamor for more than $15.6 mill per for Sammy because of his injury history...hell, franchise for a year may be the best thing for Sammy...

+ LA > Buffalo

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