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Trubisky looking decent
Chicago will probably start him.  Mike Glennon blows..
I only watched a couple drives with Trubisky in...but as a Denver fan, Trubisky had it much easier. Denver's starting defense is one of the best in the league & they were out by the time Trubisky came in. Denver is pretty thin this year at a few positions on defense - especially LB, and that is what Trubisky was picking on. It says a lot, to me, that Glennon came in as the starter then was followed by Sanchez before Trubisky got a shot.

That said, I was surprisingly impressed with his performance. He showed his athleticism and made good reads against the Denver defense. He was able to avoid the pressure very well and hit the targets that Denver gave him.
Regardless of what the defense gave him, he was very accurate on his throws and did show up pretty well in his first preseason game. I was very impressed. He will be probably what Chicago needs and Deshaun is what the Texans need.
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What I'm saying is, you can't compare Glennons performance against the league's top rated pass defense to Trubiskys performance against guys who won't be on Denver's 53 man roster and make a conclusion.

Again, it speaks volumes that Trubisky that Sanchez came off the bench before Trubisky.

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