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Tigers in the Pro Ranks...
couple years late on this, but...

[Image: Screen-Shot-2017-07-11-at-8.26.17-PM.png]

[Image: Tigers-in-Pros-071117-Pitching.png]

[Image: Pro-Tigers-Pitchers-07162017.png]
[Image: Pro-Tigers-Batters-07172017.png]
[Image: Former-Tiger-PItchers-072217.png]

[Image: Former-Tiger-Batters-0722217.png]
Goose picked up the win 2-5, 5.40....

[Image: CU-MLB-072917-Bat.png]
[Image: CU-MLB-072817-Pitch.png]

Spencer Kieboom (Syracuse Chiefs - AAA - Washington Nationals) needs to be added.
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Thanks, will add. Think I looked when I started but he had no stats. I'll take another look.
Found him.  He's one of those guys (Mike Freeeman is too) that isn't updated automatically and you have to go to the team site to add him.  Appreciate the heads up, I'll add him.


[Image: Tiger-Pros-08052017-P.png]
[Image: Tiger-Pros-08052017-B.png]
Freeman signed minor league deal with Cubs today.
[Image: Tigers-in-Pros-Pitching-08122017.png]
[Image: Tigers-in-Pros-Batting-08122017.png]
Leone killing it in Toronto...

[Image: CU-MLB-08182017-Bat-1.jpg]
[Image: CU-MLB-08182017-Pitch-1.jpg]
[Image: CLEMSON-MLB-PITCH-08312017.jpg]
[Image: CLEMSON-MLB-BAT-08312017.jpg]
Freeman called up to Cubs as rosters expand.
Gossett faces Astros today in his 14th start for the A's

[Image: Screen-Shot-2017-09-09-at-8.09.35-AM.png]
[Image: Screen-Shot-2017-09-09-at-8.09.47-AM.png]
Daniel Gossett goes 6+ for A's vs. Astros, leaves with 6-1 lead and 1 on. Gave up 5 hits, 1 ER (so far), 7Ks (career high), 3 BBs
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[Image: CUMLB-2017-FINAL-PITCH.jpg]
[Image: CUMLB-2017-FINAL-BAT.jpg]

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