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Where is Sheldon Reed on that list?
this is 16/17. Reed's twitter says "Clemson Baseball '19"
That Is the year he will graduate from Clemson. He just finished his sophomore year at SMC
Ahhhh. That's an awkward way to phrase it (to me but I'm old), but makes sense. Noticed he retweeted the stories about his flip but not much else since.

Maybe Huck knows something.
I don't have any inside information, but based on history...

A prospect can only sign one National Letter of Intent. As such, upon transfer (or in this case, a release prior to enrollment), a prospect does not sign a letter of intent with the second institution - instead he signs a grant-in-aid agreement (the literal scholarship agreement). Typically, Clemson does not allow a prospect to sign a grant-in-aid agreement until that prospect has cleared (at a minimum) the in-house admissions process, and in certain cases (such as when there are red flags) the NCAA Clearinghouse. However, until the grant-in-aid agreement is signed, the university cannot promote / address a prospect publicly.

My guess is that he hasn't cleared admissions / the Clearinghouse - most likely because he had to submit transcripts going back to high school (he wasn't a four year signee out of high school), and that isn't easy in July.
I thought that may be it, or that maybe Reed was walking on.

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