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3 days in Houston
so, we're not traveling this year so me and the little woman took jr to the Astros-Yankees series last weekend in Houston....random observations....

1. Ticket prices are ridiculous, but parking is worse...$35 each night to Mike Tyson would say "Ludicruth!"
2. Crazy prices at concession stands... $12.75 for 16 oz beer...$9.75 for mini pizza (but it was hot and tasty), $25 for t-shirt with players name on it...water was $7.75...some dude bought a $42 bottle of wine....
3. I grew up loving the Yankees...when I moved to Texas that drifted...after the last weekend..could not care less...their obnoxious fans were all over the with every fan base many were cool...some were "deplorable"
4. Aaron Judge is Yuuuuuuge....tweeted some photos of him next to Yuli Gurriel and then Jose Altuve...just crazy big (6'7, 282) for baseball player.
5. MLB players are really damn good at's one thing to see it on TV and another to see it in person (from 8th row on Sunday)...the skills are incredible...
6. There is a pace son who loves the Astros was bored out of his head on Sunday as Mike Fiers threw about 50% strikes, walked guys and took forever to throw pitches.  There's a clock, but 10 year olds have little patience.
7. We're going to see the Texans on opening day, so I'll have a more complete comparison, but of the 2 we've seen this year the NBA is the best in stadium experience we've had...the game was on TNT and you could see jr jumping in the aisle during timeouts, jamming to music and whatever the PA guy was saying, very engaged...during Astros games his head was down between innings...just a different vibe...will be interesting to see what Texans offer...
Well, me and junior went to the Texans opener and....what a dreadful game...the stadium experience was pretty was been years since I had been to an NFL game, so I have nothing to compare it to...but the tailgates and planned events in the parking lot I was in was's not the same as at Clemson because there is no campus...and there was concrete...but DJs and radio stations and parties and full bars and on an on....

We've been to all three major sports (sorry soccer fans, your sport is not included Smile ) this year...both junior and I agree on the order...

1. Spurs - first class from top to bottom in every fashion.  Obviously has something to do with size of crowd, but parking is incredible (2 minute walk to arena for $15) and pre/post game traffic a breeze.  Basketball is my sons favorite sport, but if you would have told me I would enjoy a NBA game experience more than MLB or NFL 10 years ago I would ask you what you were smoking....the length of the game is also a factor here...Parking is 1/2 to 1/3 of other sports...

2. Astros - Beautiful facility, good options on food and drink, but parking's generally public parking that are crammed full so the operators can make more at $35 per car.  Pace of game can be excruciating even for a baseball fan like me. 

3. NFL - Good vibe in parking lots and in stadium.  A problem is actually seeing whats going on because the venue is so large.  Football is better experienced on TV, now more than ever since Ed Cunningham has "retired".  Parking (at least for Texans) is all done before game so that was nice (and reasonable considering).  Had to rewatch the game at home to find out what happened on certain plays. The biggest issue for me is the continued stoppages and commercial lengths. At home I can grab a beer or take a leak. In a stadium you're stuck and bored.  No flow to the game (Texans had a LOT to do with that though). Definitely third in game experience in stadium/arena, but 1st on TV (in my mind).

In the end, my choice was colored by conveniences, time required (a factor when older), ease of parking/traffic...with costs (NBA tix can be very expensive) coming in somewhere down the line...the experience at Spurs games (we've been to several) have simply been much much better....My age is certainly a 20 I would likely have chosen football and the party and at 30 probably baseball and the slower pace... 
Marty, I think it is safe to say you are providing Jr a quality upbringing, that's goooood parenting letting the young man witness quality sports, and make his choices on his favorites. Has he been to any home games at Clemson yet? I'm guessing "yes"

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