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2017 MLB First Year Player Draft
Well, that was quick... Per his local newspaper, Keating has already agreed to terms with the Padres - the amount of his signing bonus is undisclosed.
Alex Eubanks has been selected by the Rangers - 14th Round, selection 434.

Eubanks is in that Weston Wilson and Eli White territory where it's probably best if he doesn't go, but I wouldn't be for or against it. Super iffy at this point.

On the other hand, Chris Williams has tumbled in this draft (somewhat unexpected, outside of his injury issues). I know there have been a lot of questions about his throwing ability, but he's got some versatility beyond the catcher position...he's a bit of a surprise to me.

Meredith and Strider have yet to go. Chances of getting them to campus are getting better and better by the round.
Signing bonuses for baseball are really a misnomer. If the payment was being accurately portrayed, the signing bonus would be called, "a buyout of all your other options."

That's why high school prospects receive inordinately higher bonuses than their collegiate equivalents, and why college juniors receive substantially more than a college senior. By the time you are a senior, you have no other options - the team acquiring your draft rights can either sign you for peanuts or you can wait a year (possibly playing for an independent minor league team) until their option on your contract rights expires. (You'll see teams load the back half of the first 10 rounds with college seniors to expand the bonus pool for their first 5 selections.)

Eli White was gone the second the season was over, regardless of his draft position, because that was the only way to maximize his signing bonus. The same was true for Weston Wilson - the only reason I thought he might return was that the Brewers drafted him as a 3B, and he hated the position. And it's most likely true for Chris Williams - who can still receive up to $100M, regardless of where he is drafted from here on out, and possibly more if the drafting team has money left in the pool - as this is the lowest risk strategy for a team that likes him, but is unsure about his injury status.

Eubanks has 2 years of college eligibility remaining at a premier level college program. While it's a substantial bargaining chip in his favor, it is offset by the fact that he's Right Handed without a projectable power arm - for makeup / feel guys, there is a ceiling, as certain teams put more and more stock in the radar gun.
And Paul Campbell is a perfect example of the primacy of the radar gun in scouting...
27 (819): @BlueJays select Howell HS LHP Sam Weatherly. #MLBDraft
28 (831): @Athletics select Clemson LHP Pat Krall. #MLBDraft
(06-14-2017, 02:36 PM)Marty Coleman Wrote: 28 (831): @Athletics select Clemson LHP Pat Krall.  #MLBDraft

In the 2016 draft, Krall was selected in the 28th Round (pick 856) by the St. Louis Cardinals.  I like the organizational fit better this year, but otherwise...

Just had an email from the Mother of Richard Slenker. Richard, selected in the 28th. round by the Houston Astros, is the third baseman and Captain of the Yale Bulldogs. Richard's Grandfather was one of my best buddies during WW2.
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On the Twitter: Monte Lee says that Alex Eubanks and Reed Rohlman are expected to sign with their M.L.B. clubs. #Clemson
Do we have a solid idea/assessment of how the draft is going to impact the team and our incoming class...or are we still waiting on some decisions?

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