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$EC Douchebag of the Day
There are many to choose from already but I'm sure you'll find at least one new Southeastern Conference "student"-athlete committing some type of impropriety or criminal act daily to keep this thread going so post away! Big Grin

To kick  facepalm things off, I nominate five-star Mississippi State defensive lineman recruit, Jeffery Simmons, shown in the following video attacking a female while she's already on the ground! burp

SEC: Such Entertaining Criminals... smokingsmiley
Mississippi State needs to also sign up the warthog that helps Simmons beat the defenseless girl in the video to shore up its line as well! She/he/it has $EC strength and size for sure!
You just knew Jawja would have an entry on this list soon because it's been too damn quiet in Athens during the off season with regards to felonies! Big Grin

Here's our D-Bag of the Day courtesy of the Junkyard Dawgs:

Defensive lineman Chauncey Rivers was arrested for marijuana possession for the third time in seven months, and subsequently dismissed from the team on Friday.

[Image: Chauncey-Rivers-helmet-off_e4va8w.jpg]
(05-05-2016, 05:52 PM)MurderBeachTiger Wrote: Mississippi State needs to also sign up the warthog that helps Simmons beat the defenseless girl in the video to shore up its line as well! She/he/it has $EC strength and size for sure!

[Image: humpty-dumpty-01.jpg]
Chris found us another...
Stolen weapon = ouch. Cops don't like that sh**. Cool
Johnny Goofball could very well be inducted into the $EC Douchebag Hall of Shame but after hearing this story was floating out there today I feel he at least earns today's honor! clap

[Image: tumblr_n79v3xvPPi1tdfu29o1_540.jpg]

[original article link below]
"The Johnny Manziel story has played out in so many weird ways, and that was even before his friends went to TMZ to express that they're worried about him dying.
Manziel is seeing his downward spiral play out on TMZ, from reports of him showing up at various parties, being the passenger in a single-car accident and getting kicked out of a club in Vegas, so maybe the natural order of progression is having a pseudo intervention on that site.

'He's in a horrible downward spiral,' is how one anonymous source described Manziel to TMZ. Another source told the site, 'If he continues this way for much longer he will die.'"

Shouldn't TMZ be the exclusive news source for the $EC conference anyways?
I wonder if the big fellow on the left is his bodyguard, or just a tag a long?
[Image: serveimage?url=http:%2F%2Fimg.ccrd.clear...34a8b234d3]

The marijuana cloud of smoke from Laremy Tunsil still surrounds Ole Piss, so thick in fact that they've decided to self-impose reductions in scholarships on their own! clap  
Laremy, you dickhead, today's honor goes to you and your cheatin' ass program...oh, yeah, and ***k Chad Kelly thumbsdown

[original article link at bottom]
Ole Miss has self-imposed a double-digit reduction in scholarships for football, as well as an already-served postseason ban for women's basketball, as part of its response to an NCAA notice of allegations that was released Friday morning.

In a 154-page response to the NCAA, Ole Miss announced that it had self-imposed the loss of 11 total scholarships in football over a four-year period from 2015-18, including a reduction of three initial scholarships in each of its next three recruiting classes, which would allow the school to sign a maximum of 22 players in each class.

Ole Miss officials also asked the NCAA to delay the school's hearing with the Committee on Infractions so they can have more time to investigate whether Miami Dolphins rookie Laremy Tunsil received additional improper benefits while playing for the Rebels.

Maybe Art Briles will take over Ole Piss next haha
Cam Robinson, come on down!

Alabama coach Nick Saban told on Wednesday he is still determining the status of offensive tackle Cam Robinson and what action to take, but said the door remains open for Robinson to play for the Crimson Tide next season.

Robinson and teammate Hootie Jones were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and possessing a handgun in the presence of drugs last month in their hometown of West Monroe, Louisiana. Robinson, a potential top-10 pick in next year's NFL draft, also received a felony charge for possessing a stolen firearm.

[Image: serveimage?url=http:%2F%2Fsportsmasher.c...1bb2b86725]

[original article link here]
4:02 AM probably says all you need to know.
Butch Jones drives a $220k Benz. Dabo drives a F150?
I'm sure the recruits don't know but Mercedes quit selling the SLS like a year and half ago, idiot got a used one that's worth maybe a buck 60. I can get a 2011 SLS for 120 now.
[Image: 18776777-standard.jpeg]

HOOVER, Ala. -- Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly stole the spotlight on the fourth and final day of SEC media days Thursday, making a bold statement about his talent and taking a veiled shot at Clemson, his former school.

The SEC's top returning quarterback was certainly confident, overshadowing Les Miles and Leonard Fournette with his comments during his media session. And it shouldn't come as a surprise considering his nickname: Swag Kelly.

[original article here]

Corey Batey, you rotten turd, today's honor goes to you, young man! Cool
[Image: 635966602596891074-Cory-Batey-4-19-16.jpg]

According to a report by The Tennessean, former Vanderbilt football player Cory Batey told the young woman whom he and three other men raped that her assault was payback “for 400 years of slavery.” The victim had asked the judge to give Batey a 25-year jail sentence. “On June 22nd of 2013, I was a happy, hard-working Vanderbilt student looking forward to my future,” she said during her statement. “I was twenty-one years old. I’ve seen with my own eyes what I was when Mr. Batey was done with me: a piece of trash, face down in a hallway covered in his urine and palm prints.”

Read more:
Enjoy your time in the hole you punk a$$ wipe

You will get your shot at being the biotch in the big house
Damn had no idea that dude had to personally go thru 400 years of slavery that's rough!
1619-1865 does not equal 400. He must be really pissed at the African slave traders. Don't even get him started on Brazil. Also, white men ended slavery. Hope the first question he is asked by some mongrel inside is grape or strawberry?
[Image: Coiteg0UIAIYNmJ.jpg:medium]

The King of Beers is also The King of $EC Douchebags! Ole Ball Sack, we salute your herculean efforts in staying committed day in and day out to being a complete narcissistic, back-stabbing, arrogant, and greedy tool!  smokingsmiley

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