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Jack Leggett Poll
22 seasons
21 NCAA Appearances
6 CWS Appearances
+950 wins
Clemson now 7th winningest program

Last 5 Seasons
186-124 record
5-10 in Postseason
Back to back 2 and outs
95 errors, +4.00 ERA (2015)
89 errors (2014)
5-10 versus South Carolina
Time for Jack to go. We need a change.
6 votes to none in favor of going in a different direction.

While I get that Jack has done tremendous things here at Clemson, I also believe you get off the sinking ship before you wind up at the bottom of the ocean. Jack is still a good coach, but he's lost his luster over the years. Clemson baseball needs a breath of fresh air and a new face to shake things up a bit. This program, that Jack helped build, will sell itself, especially with the new locker room being built. Crownover and Erwin are as good as gone, meaning this team is going to have a tough time even matching the little success the 2015 team had. Make a move, take a couple lumps, and bounce back.
As great as Leggett was, he seems to have lost the faithful. This is the perfect time to find a replacement. Take your time, someone will emerge, and pay them well.
This is a tough call. I agree that the program is in a decline, but Jack has had a tremendous career and we have a better chance of replacing him with a big name if we let him retire with dignity. If that means one more year, then so be it. I have a feeling that Jack will give it up and retire now, but we will have to wait and see.

What I really think needs to happen is for Clemson to find ways to supplement the baseball program like other schools have done. I have read just a little about this, so am not an expert. However it does seem that some programs like Vandy have some sort of endowment going which makes it easier to recruit. If anybody has links to informative articles on this topic, I would love to see them.
I don't think Leggett will retire easily. Too competitive. His retirement will be a Bobby Bowden scenario. It's already starting to be.
Brad Senkiw of O&W: Column: #Clemson has plenty of questions to weigh this week. Deeper look at a tough decision - http://t.co/C1rwUhySoV http://t.co/2VvXLKtsif

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