Forum Rules
1) Participation is a privilege
Participating in Seldom Used Reserve (SUR) forums is a privilege, not a right. SUR welcomes all fans to our community that are willing to post within the rules. The staff reserves the right to guide discussion and debate on all boards in the best interests of the community, to include the banning of posters who are judged disruptive for any reason.

2) Threats of any manner way, shape or form are unacceptable.
Do not threaten another member in any manner.

3) Language
Inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Use of inappropriate language will result in a warning and/or banning. What constitutes inappropriate language is at the sole discretion of the site administrators.

This board has a liberal attitude toward posts. However, that does not mean that any and all languages or statements are permissible. It is conceivable that minors could be reading posts. We want all posters to feel welcome, and to foster an environment that is pleasant for all. Please use discretion in posting. If you have any question don't post it .

4) Courtesy
Personally attacking another poster will result in a warning and/or ban. Attack the opinion, not the poster personally.

5) Do not Copy & Paste Original Content from Other Sites
At no time should content be copied and pasted on the SUR forums without citing the source or linking directly to the content. Exclusive content provided by services such as Rivals and Scout should NEVER be copied and posted on SUR forums, even if you own a membership. Material on these sites that is not in the membership section can be posted only if you cite the source or you may link directly to the content.

6) Spam, Advertising, Soliciting or Junk E-mail.
Spamming of any kind is prohibited. Forums are not for the purpose of sending junk email, chain letters, duplicative or unsolicited messages.

The sale of personal items, including game/parking tickets, from fans to fans should take place in the appropriate forum. This site is not responsible for transactions that start on this site.

No commercial advertising of any kind, including non-profit organizations, is allowed without express written permission from the site owner and/or administrator.

7) No Piracy.
No forms of piracy will be tolerated.

8) Using Another Member's Account is forbidden.
Using another member's account without their permission will result in an immediate, permanent ban. No exceptions.

9) Circumventing Bans not allowed.
Creating another username to circumvent the ban or to inquire as to why you were banned is not allowed. Questions about bans should be directed to

Banned users who reappear under a new screen name can be banned again for their behavior under past screen names.

10) Site Admin/Moderators
Respect the site admin and moderators. They offer their services free of charge, and work hard to keep the board clean, organized and enjoyable. They reserve the right to enforce the rules of the board.

If you see offensive content that has not been addressed please pm any member with “Site Admin” under their screen name or email

11) Revisions to the Rules or Contests
SUR reserves the right to modify these rules at any time and for any reason. Posters are bound by the rules at all times, and are required to be familiar with the rules at all times. Any modifications to the rules are effective immediately, and are applicable to all posters the moment the rules are amended. The Board reserves the right to ban posters in the board’s sole discretion. SUR also reserves the right to amend any board contest at any time. SUR is not obligated to fulfill any contest or offer which may be listed within the board forums.

12) Multiple Memberships not allowed
Only one account is allowed. Creating multiple accounts is not permissible and will result in the closing of all accounts.

13) Outbound Links in Signatures & Elsewhere
Links to non-SUR related sites are not permitted unless authorized by the board Moderators/Site Admin. Please send a request to before doing so, or you will risk being banned.

If you are interested in advertising with us please contact